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All deposits are final and non-refundable for any reason after 24 hours. If you do not place a deposit or receive a confirmation email your event is not booked. Simply speaking with us about an event or receiving a quote does not constitute a booking in our schedule. If you do place a deposit, but do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, please contact us to ensure your booking went through. We are not responsible for bookings that do not receive a confirmation email or do not place a deposit.

Battle Party Events secures reservations through a real time availability calendar on our website. These time slots may be booked by anyone, at anytime, by placing a deposit on our website. In this fashion, events are booked in a first come, first serve manner. We cannot hold a slot without a deposit. Should you call and inquire about availability, we will give you an answer based on the availability during the time of your call. Should you wait to secure your reservation, our availability is subject to change as we cannot hold slots without deposits.


Some of our activities can take place in rain, others cannot. The safety of your participants and our equipment is critical. Ultimately, the decision whether to continue an event or proceed with a booking due to weather or other conditions is up to us. If an event is in progress and must be shut down, a prorated rate will be applied to your event. Should an event need to be postponed due to weather, your deposit is then transferable to any other date that is available within our schedule. Simply speak with us to rebook your event. Should you decline to move your event to another date and instead cancel your event outright, your deposit is forfeited.


All changes to existing reservations for any reason (time, activity type, package, location, date, etc.) must be sent in writing in the form of an email to your respective Battle Party location. Changes made via text, phone, or in person are not accepted and we will not be responsible for. Please double check with us should you wish to make ANY CHANGES WHATSOEVER to your event after a reservation has been made.


Locations that are more than 25 miles in one direction from our starting location will be subject to a $1/mile charge in one direction. This mileage fee will be applied to the total cost of your event.

Online bookings will encounter a 6% online booking fee. We are not in control of this fee and do not receive any part of its revenue. As such, this will be added on to your event and will not constitute as part of your payment towards your event total or deposit.

Each package allows for a specific number of players. Should you wish to add additional players, or add time to your event, additional charges will apply and will be added onto the total cost of your existing event. Payment in full for the existing total plus all additional charges will be due at the conclusion of your event. Additional players are billed at a rate of $20.00/player for all events other than Gladiator Games (which are billed at a rate of $25/player (up to 10 additional players may be added to any event at our discretion. If a larger amount of players is needed, additional fees/staff may be required). Additional time may be added on at a rate to be determined by us should scheduling allow. It is up to our discretion to allow or deny any additional players or time above our agreed upon event.


Any person, of any age, who touches our equipment or engages in our activities will be considered a “participant” or a “player” and are subject to our safety rules and procedures. Battle Party Events and Battle Party LA take pride in our comprehensive safety procedures and thorough safety explanations to all players before they participate in our events. Battle Party Events and Battle Party LA are not responsible for any player’s failure to adhere to our instructions, any injuries that may result from their negligence or any “accident”, or any damage that players inflict upon the properties on which the events take place.


Battle Party Events reserves the right to take photos and videos at all events and post them on our website and social media accounts, unless explicitly stated otherwise by the client in writing.


ALL MEMBERS OF YOUR EVENT WHO WISH TO PLAY OR PARTICIPATE IN OUR ACTIVITIES MUST SIGN THE LIABILITY WAIVER LOCATED HERE. (don’t include this text but please make this a clickable hyperlink to the waiver)

Safety equipment must be worn AT ALL TIMES whenever a player is holding one of our blasters (regardless of if it is loaded or turned on) or whenever a game or activity is in progress. Likewise, anyone under the age of 18 standing within 6 feet of the Battlefield (the playing area) while a game or activity is in progress is required to wear safety gear or step out of the area to avoid any injuries.

Battle Party LA encourages kids of all ages, 5 – 105 to participate in our events! All Players under the age of 18 are required to wear Battle Party’s protective gear if they wish to participate. Players over 18 can opt out of protective gear at their own risk. Should they decline to wear our protective gear we are not responsible for any participant over the age of 18 who may injure themselves on our battlefields as a result of denying our protective gear.


By placing a deposit and hiring Battle Party to come work an event, you agree that Battle Party Events, Battle Party LA, and all of it’s agents, officers, employees, and volunteers are not liable or responsible for any and all injuries, property damage, or anything that would otherwise result in damages (monetarily or otherwise) to any one or anything at your event. You also agree to not to pursue any type of litigation against Battle Party or it’s members for any reason.

Should any guest (this is anyone who attended your event but did not necessarily partake in our activities), participant, or player, deliberately or accidentally damage our equipment, the full responsibility of fiscal compensation for the replacement of that item belongs to YOU (the party host). A penalty fee may apply depending on the item and the time it will take to replace.


You agree to authorize the card we have on file to pay the total remaining balance of your event the date your event takes place. Should you wish to pay in cash or use a different card than the card you placed your deposit with, please let us know and we will accommodate your request. In the event that your card does not authorize the remaining payment We will attempt to contact you over the next 48 hours to facilitate your booking. In the event we cannot contact you and/or no final payment has been made by the 3rd day after your event, a penalty charge of $25/day will apply perpetually until payment is received. Additionally, legal action may occur in the event of failed payments. By failing to complete a payment to us for services rendered you agree to the above conditions and consent to legal action.