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Laser Tag Battle Party

Quick Details

Laser Tag Battle Party Price includes up to 20 players per party
Call for Quote

“The Coolest Party Ever!” – Literally Every Kid

Are you ready for the Ultimate Laser Tag Experience? With fully customizable blasters, cutting edge software, over 2,000 different weapons & sound effects, digital body armor, video game style objectives & game modes, loot boxes, kill streaks, regenerative health, & real-time scorekeeping and leaderboards with end game medals, this is as close as you can get to playing a video game in real life without wearing a VR headset! Each and every game is fully customizable, allowing your players to change teams, nicknames, weapons, and shape every moment of their experience! This is truly the ULTIMATE BATTLE PARTY experience!

What do I get with my Laser Tag Battle Party?

– Indoors OR Outdoors! A fully customizable and unforgettable and high energy full service mobile battle event
– An expert & background checked Battle Captain (one of us) to set up, entertain & run, and tear down the whole event (You don’t have to do ANYTHING! Just show up and play!)
– A fully inflatable Battlefield comprised of multiple individual bunkers
– Over 2,000 different types of pre-programmed weapons, sounds, and game modes, all with their own unique damage, ammo, recoil, and objectives.
– The most immersive and top of the line laser tag equipment commercially available. Run by our state of the art gaming software that allows for completely customizable and immersive battle experience!
– Real time leaderboards with live scoring, accuracy, kill-streaks, body armor, elemental damage, unique player callsigns, and more!
– End game medals for MVP players, most kills, fewest deaths, and more video game style awards!
– Wireless Head sensors, no more clunky and gross sensor vests!
– Fully sanitized gear that is charged and ready for battle!
– Comprehensive pre-battle safety and rules breakdown
– Music and speaker system with rocking battle music
– Personalized video invitation with party details
– Group Photo to remember your day


Laser tag games last around 5 – 7 minutes each! This allows your players to play dozens of games before the day is done! Switch up the teams, weapons, game modes, or whatever you want!

Upgrade Your Event!

  • Include more advanced game modes, smoke bombs, more time, a larger battlefield, or more!
  • Add Dodgeballs! Take your Battle Party to the next level with Dodgeballs! This enables new high energy game modes, different ways to score, special objectives, and more competitive strategic gameplay!

This state-of-the-art Laser Tag Blaster has LED lights that indicate how much health you have and a button to easily reload your ammunition. The Battlerifle Pro also comes with an LCD screen that displays important game info such as your player name, remaining game time, ammunition and which weapon you have equipped. Each weapon will announce when you’ve been hit, made hits, are low on life, have been killed or your mission is almost over!

The 2000+ sound effects that are built into the Blaster make the game play that much more life-like and exciting! When you have a machine gun, it sounds like a machine gun. Switch to a shotgun or laser cannon and you hear the sounds of a shotgun firing or a laser cannon. When you get killed, you hear it go “Ahhhhhhhhhh!” When you get hit with a sticky grenade, there is a count down before it explodes! All these things add to the epic experience of playing tactical laser tag.

Please note that all Laser Tag Battle Parties are CAPPED at 20 players on the field at a time.