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Summer Camp (LA) Camp Have-A-Blast 2024!

Get Ready for the ULTIMATE Summer Camp at 

Camp Have-A-BLAST

Gear up and prepare for 8 days of Nerf, Gel Blaster, & Laser Tag Battles, with Capture the Flag Dodgeball, Z-Tag, Video Game Trucks and more!!!

Battle Party LA partners with Game Truck LA to provide an unforgettable 8 days of adrenaline pumping outdoor friendly competitive battle games alongside Game Truck LA’s Premium Mobile Video Game Command Centers!

Fill out the Contact Form below to receive the Camp Booklet for more Info or to Reserve your spot! Activity explanations below

Official dates and locations to be announced soon!

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Camp Have-A-BLAST

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Camp Have-A-BLAST Activities:

Laser Tag Tactical Training:

Learn the art of strategy and teamwork through tactical laser tag training sessions.

Develop critical thinking skills, communication, and leadership abilities while participating in exhilarating laser tag Battles.

Emphasize sportsmanship and fair play, promoting a positive gaming environment.


Gel Blaster Battle Party Bootcamp:

When the impact is higher, the stakes are raised!

Practice marksmanship, agility, and coordination through a variety of objective based callenges and games.

Foster camaraderie and cooperation among campers while honing sportsmanship and battle skills!


Nerf Battle Party Boot Camp:

Join the Nerf Battle Party Boot Camp for action-packed Nerf battles in specially designed battlefields.

Practice marksmanship, agility, and coordination through a variety of Nerf challenges and games.

Foster camaraderie and cooperation among campers while honing their Nerf battle skills.


GameTruck Gauntlet Challenge:

Experience the ultimate gaming adventure with the GameTruck Gauntlet Challenge.

Step inside state-of-the-art gaming trucks equipped with the latest consoles and games.

Participate in gaming tournaments, challenges, and competitions, promoting friendly competition and sportsmanship.

ZTag Challenge:

Ztag is an awesome new take on classic school yard games. Participants wear a smart watch ztagger which keeps score and also provides feedback and instructions. All of the games are short and intense. We play red light, green light; pattern match and zombie tag. Zombie Tag is our most popular and is closest to classic tag. Pattern match is a cooperative game in which the participants need to work together to match colors and shapes on their ztaggers. Red light green light is exactly what it sounds like, with the ztagger keeping score and giving a green light or red light to the players!


Dodgeball Capture the Flag:

This creative twist on traditional dodgeball combines the throw and dodge game with the strategic attack and defend game Capture the Flag! Work together as a team to score as many points as possible, but remember, a strong defense is a great offense….or will you need a strong offense to be your best defense?! We’ll find out! Players will be using soft foam dodgeballs.

Creative Crafting & Outdoor Art:

Unleash creativity through outdoor art and crafting activities inspired by nature.

Engage in hands-on arts and crafts projects using natural materials found in the park.

Encourage self-expression and appreciation for the beauty of the natural world through artistic endeavors.